Could I Still File A Claim If The At-Fault Driver Died In The Accident?
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  • Could I Still File A Claim If The At-Fault Driver Died In The Accident?
    September 29, 2022
    Yes. Injured survivors of car accidents can still file a claim against the at-fault driver even if the driver died in the crash. Put simply, being dead does not automatically release the driver from liability when their negligent actions caused a crash that resulted in their death...
  • How Illegal U-Turns Cause Accidents
    September 19, 2022
    U-turns are among the most dangerous driving maneuvers. Illegal U-turns are particularly dangerous because drivers take careless risks which places not only their own lives in danger, but also endanger the lives of others on the road. Properly performed U-turns can be handy, but they can be...
  • How Do You Properly Document An Accident Scene?
    September 9, 2022
    Insufficient or inaccurate documentation of the accident scene can hurt a claim against the other driver’s insurer or a third party. After calling 911 and the police, follow these tips to document the accident scene: Write Down Details Of The Accident Scene If physically able,...
  • Who Is Held Liable For A City Bus Accident?
    September 5, 2022
    In Connecticut, many commuters rely on city buses to commute to and from school, work, errands, appointments, and activities. These thousands of commuters depend on the safety measures and competence taken by the bus drivers and the companies that train them, employ them, and maintain...
  • Why Traffic Accidents In Connecticut Increase During Summer
    September 2, 2022
    Connecticut is one of the most scenic and historic seaside states in the country. Many tourists flock to the state and explore it by hiking, walking, biking, and driving. Teenagers and children are out of school for the summer, and their parents are constantly on...
  • Documents Needed After A Crash
    September 1, 2022
    It’s very common for people to feel disoriented, confused, and even terrified after a motor vehicle crash. But people involved in a crash must take certain steps, including gathering or having specific information, to protect their interests and legal rights. Here are some essential documentation...