Auto Accident FAQs

These FAQs are packed with insights and information to help you cope with the emotional and physical stress of dealing with the aftermath of an accident and injuries, like:

Surprise – The other guy was ticketed and arrested at the scene, but his insurance company denies liability.

Anger – Your car was a classic, in perfect shape. You loved that car. The other guy’s insurance company is totaling it and their offer isn’t close to covering the cost to replace it. Why do you have to settle for something you don’t love?

Fear – What if you don’t regain the mobility you need to do your job? Who will hire you?

Anxiety – You’re not working. No money is coming in. Savings are dwindling. And the medical bills, car rental costs, and vehicle repair are more than you can pay. Now what?

Frustration -The accident continues to cost you time you don’t have to make repeated calls to insurance companies, doctors’ offices, repair shops, and try to navigate the complexities of recovering your losses.

It’s tempting to just give up. Please don’t. We can help you.