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Domestic Violence Archives

What is the standard of proof for a civil protection order?

Domestic violence cases often turn into he-said, she-said situations and can be very difficult to prosecute. However, when a case does go before a court, it puts the defendant's immediate future and long-term reputation in jeopardy. One court action that is very common in these cases is a civil protection order. Understanding what someone has to show to be able to get one of these orders against you is important to being prepared for the rest of the case.

Domestic violence: What is a standing restraining order?

In the state of Connecticut, a standing restraining order limits how close you can come to the person the order is protecting and limits the amount of contact, if any, you can have with that person. The exact charges related to the conviction can directly impact whether a standing restraining order is issues after a domestic violence incident reaches the courts.

Domestic assault and family violence charges

Attorneys at Berman & Russo represent people facing all types of domestic violence charges in Connecticut. Individuals may begin seeking legal counsel from one of our attorneys at any point during their domestic assault case.

Man facing domestic violence charges after alleged break-in

Sometimes, individuals are wrongly accused of domestic violence in Connecticut. Many arrests are based solely on the allegations of the alleged victim. Unfortunately, some people make false claims to authorities out of anger, spite or other reasons. A man is facing domestic violence charges in Connecticut after his ex-girlfriend called police to report an alleged attack.

Connecticut man claims stalking charges aren't true

A relationship that began in a rehabilitation facility appeared to disintegrate quickly once the couple left rehab. The woman involved claimed that after breaking off the relationship her ex-boyfriend began stalking her. The Connecticut man denied those claims and asserted that she was still contacting him.

Connecticut legislator's domestic violence charge granted nolle

While the most common form of domestic violence that the average American citizen hears about in the media is between romantic partners, domestic violence also includes violence between family members. A Connecticut senator was recently charged with domestic violence against her sister resulting from an incident at a family picnic. However, the legislator has been granted nolle, and no criminal action will be taken against her unless she violates the terms of her agreement.

Connecticut man accused of domestic violence has guns seized

Police have executed a warrant to remove all weapons from the possession of a Connecticut man that has been accused of assaulting his wife. The domestic violence guidelines in Connecticut require that anyone who has been accused of violent behavior turn over any firearms they may own. Police reportedly also took the man's permit that was issued for his handgun.

Harassment leads to assault and arrest in Connecticut

A 35-year old Connecticut man was arrested and charged with assault. Law enforcement officers state that the man and his wife had been victims of harassment by the man who was beaten. The victim of the beating is in serious condition at a local hospital. He is believed to have severe head injuries.

Noted Connecticut meteorologist facing domestic violence charges

Domestic abuse is an unfortunate circumstance that can occur in families of all different social areas. From small town couples to well-known celebrities, domestic violence can suddenly appear between even the happiest seeming pair. When this situation arises, it is important that authorities look into the incident and hear from all parties involved in order to better determine who -- if anyone -- should be facing charges.

Man faces domestic violence charges after Connecticut altercation

Connecticut authorities have leveled domestic violence charges against a 31-year-old man who formerly worked as a corrections officer in another state. The domestic violence charges came about after an apparent altercation between the man and his girlfriend of five months. During two incidents in a short period of time, officials maintain that the man struck the woman, choked her, slammed her up against a wall, did damage to her cell phone and ultimately stranded her in a park after the second alleged assault.