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Criminal Defense Archives

White collar crimes must be taken seriously

Many defendants do not believe that charges involving white collar crimes, such as fraud, embezzlement or larceny, need to be taken seriously, but nothing could be further from the truth. These accusations involve serious criminal charges, with significant penalties that can include years served in prison or very large fines. Understanding the nature of the charges as well as the possible defense options is critical to developing a strategy for protecting your rights as you navigate the court proceedings.

What happens when I post bail?

One of the first steps after you are arrested is the initial hearing where it is determined if you will be released on bond and what the bond amount is. Assuming it is an option and you are able to post bail, it's important to understand what comes next. Violating the conditions of your bail, whether intentionally or unknowingly, can result in the immediate revocation of the bond and your return to jail pending trial.

What is a pardon?

If you have a criminal conviction on your record, you already likely know the negative effects it can have on your life. Even if the offense was only a misdemeanor, when your background check is pulled for a job or to rent an apartment, people can make assumptions about who you are as a person. Many people want to have their records expunged but are unsure if they are eligible or how to complete the process.

Criminal defense: Probation violations

When Connecticut defendants are sentenced to probation in lieu of jail time, it can feel like a giant weight has been lifted off their shoulders. In many cases, these defendants are able to go about their lives pretty much as usual as long as they are checking in with their probation officers and maintaining any terms of the probation, such as passing random drug tests or abiding by a curfew. However, probation can also sometimes last few a few years, and if at any time during those years, the terms of the probation are violated, there can be serious consequences.

Accused drug dealer in Connecticut escapes during transport

A 21-year-old Connecticut man who was the target of a drug investigation managed to escape while he was being transported to police headquarters. The incident took place on Jan. 5 after investigators allegedly found drugs at the man's home during a search. While the accused man was being driven to central Greenwich to be booked on drug charges, he complained that his handcuffs were too tight. When the officer stopped the car and let him out, the man fled.

3 men detained by patrolling officers

On Dec. 28, police patrolling a Hartford neighborhood grew suspicious upon spotting three men in a parked car. As the squad car pulled into the lot and approached the vehicle, one of the occupants quickly exited and left the area on foot. While giving chase, the officers saw the fleeing suspect allegedly throw aside a handgun. The gun was soon recovered and the evader taken into custody; the charges included possession of marijuana and interfering with a police officer.

Connecticut woman facing multiple theft charges

In early October, authorities in New Britain took a 39-year-old personal assistant into custody after she allegedly committed multiple acts of theft. According to news sources, the woman's ex-employer reported her to police in January after alleging that she had stolen his checks and cashed them in with a false signature.

What elements must be proven to be charged with embezzlement?

In order for a person to be charged for embezzlement in Connecticut, four elements must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. These elements are proof that the defendant had control over the stolen property, proof that the defendant misappropriated the property, proof that the defendant misappropriated the property with larcenous intent and proof that the property had a certain degree of value.

Teen faces serious charges after shooting incident

A teenager was recently arrested after a shooting incident occurred in New Haven. The Connecticut authorities suspect that the 19-year-old Connecticut man shot two people, but the alleged motive is unclear. The man faces serious charges resulting from the accusations.