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What happens when I post bail?

One of the first steps after you are arrested is the initial hearing where it is determined if you will be released on bond and what the bond amount is. Assuming it is an option and you are able to post bail, it's important to understand what comes next. Violating the conditions of your bail, whether intentionally or unknowingly, can result in the immediate revocation of the bond and your return to jail pending trial.

Whether or not bond is even an option will largely depend on the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime and whether or not the courts see you as a flight risk. Strong ties to the community and a clean criminal record are both things that can work in your favor. The courts will ask the prosecution and defense for their recommendations on bond and then make a decision.

The courts often attach conditions to the bond that must be met and adhered to for the duration of the proceedings. These can include requiring you to stay with someone who can monitor your location, reporting into your bondsman, being available to the courts and not traveling during this time. The courts may also mandate that you stay away from anyone connected to your case. It's also a good idea to avoid any activities that could result in other charges or portray you in a negative light.

It is vital that you understand all of the monetary and non-monetary conditions of your bond. Always ask your legal team any questions that you have and ensure you are clear on what is expected from you now and in the future.

Source: State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, "Bail FAQs," accessed May. 08, 2015

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