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Criminal defense: Probation violations

When Connecticut defendants are sentenced to probation in lieu of jail time, it can feel like a giant weight has been lifted off their shoulders. In many cases, these defendants are able to go about their lives pretty much as usual as long as they are checking in with their probation officers and maintaining any terms of the probation, such as passing random drug tests or abiding by a curfew. However, probation can also sometimes last few a few years, and if at any time during those years, the terms of the probation are violated, there can be serious consequences.

In the state of Connecticut, a probation violation often means automatic jail time. When a defendant is convicted and sentenced, it is possible in some cases for the judge to suspend the jail time and sentence the person to probation instead. This may be more common with charges for nonviolent crimes or in the case of those with no previous criminal record.

Some probation terms are specific to the situation, but one of the most common ways that probation is violated is when the person commits another offense. Even something as small as a speeding ticket can be grounds for revoking probation, but any kind of arrest, whether it be a DUI or possession of a controlled substance, is also a probation violation.

It's important for those accused of violating probation to contact their attorneys as soon as possible. Depending on circumstances surrounding the violation, an attorney may be able to present some alternative options and help the defendant understand what happens next.

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