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March 2015 Archives

Connecticut search uncovers drugs and results in 3 arrests

The circumstances surrounding drug charges can have a significant impact on which charges are filed and the possible penalties. Understanding the charges and discussing the situation with a criminal defense attorney are crucial to moving forward with a defense strategy.

Criminal defense: Probation violations

When Connecticut defendants are sentenced to probation in lieu of jail time, it can feel like a giant weight has been lifted off their shoulders. In many cases, these defendants are able to go about their lives pretty much as usual as long as they are checking in with their probation officers and maintaining any terms of the probation, such as passing random drug tests or abiding by a curfew. However, probation can also sometimes last few a few years, and if at any time during those years, the terms of the probation are violated, there can be serious consequences.

Domestic violence: What is a standing restraining order?

In the state of Connecticut, a standing restraining order limits how close you can come to the person the order is protecting and limits the amount of contact, if any, you can have with that person. The exact charges related to the conviction can directly impact whether a standing restraining order is issues after a domestic violence incident reaches the courts.

What happens during and after an OUI arrest?

Drunk driving offenses are treated very seriously under Connecticut law. While an operating under the influence conviction can mean criminal penalties and the driver losing his or her driver's license, the actual arrest procedures can surprise many.