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3 men detained by patrolling officers

On Dec. 28, police patrolling a Hartford neighborhood grew suspicious upon spotting three men in a parked car. As the squad car pulled into the lot and approached the vehicle, one of the occupants quickly exited and left the area on foot. While giving chase, the officers saw the fleeing suspect allegedly throw aside a handgun. The gun was soon recovered and the evader taken into custody; the charges included possession of marijuana and interfering with a police officer.

After the brief chase, police took the car's other two occupants into custody. According to reports, both of the detainees were found to be in possession of crack cocaine, and one was carrying a .25 caliber gun. Charges included carrying a handgun without a permit, carrying a weapon in the vehicle and possession of illegal narcotics.

Upon conviction, gun possession charges carry varying sentences depending on the circumstances of the arrest and any prior record the defendant may have. Possession of an unlicensed weapon while committing a crime of violence, for example, may mean a sentence enhancement for the weapons charge. Some states also impose mandatory minimum charges on gun felonies.

Criminal charges in Connecticut are serious matters that might require the advice and counsel of an experienced defense attorney. An attorney can investigate the circumstances of the arrest, the validity of any search warrants and the actions of the police to ensure that everything proceeded lawfully. Without an issued warrant, for example, police officers need probable cause to conduct searches or detain suspects. A defense attorney can strive to mitigate harsh jail sentences or secure a term of probation in the case of first offenders.

Source: WTNH, "3 Hartford men arrested on gun, drug charges", Matt Buynak, December 29, 2014

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