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Driving penalties for first, second and third-time DUI offenders

A DUI conviction in Connecticut will have an effect on the accused driver's ability to operate their vehicle. At a minimum, the Department of Motor Vehicles must suspend a person's driver's license for 45 days after they are convicted of DUI. In addition to a period of license suspension, drivers will also be required to use an ignition interlock in their vehicle for a certain period of time.

A person convicted of DUI for the first time must use an ignition interlock in their vehicle for one year after the date that license suspension ends. A second DUI conviction may result in a three-year ignition interlock requirement. During the first year, a second-time DUI offender can only drive their vehicle to and from school, work, a substance abuse treatment program and an ignition interlock service center.

When an individual is convicted of DUI for the third time, the DMV is required to revoke their driver's license. However, the individual may be able to have their driver's license restored after two years if they meet certain requirements. Once a third-time DUI offender's driver's license has been restored, the driver must use an ignition interlock in their vehicle for at least 15 years.

Understanding how a DUI conviction can affect a person's driver's license can be important while the individual is determining how to plead to drunk driving charges. Although a defendant may be able to avoid jail time by pleading guilty, the effect a conviction can have on the defendant's mobility can be significant. If a defendant is unsure how to plead to drunk driving charges, an attorney may be able to offer sound advice.

Source: Connecticut General Assembly, "CONNECTICUT DUI LAW", December 19, 2014

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