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Domestic assault and family violence charges

Attorneys at Berman & Russo represent people facing all types of domestic violence charges in Connecticut. Individuals may begin seeking legal counsel from one of our attorneys at any point during their domestic assault case.

In Connecticut, domestic violence covers a wide range of criminal offenses, including assault, harassment and stalking. These offenses will be considered domestic violence if they involve a member of the accused person's family or an individual the defendant was cohabitating with at some point. The charge of domestic violence will still apply if the individuals involved are divorced or separated.

An accusation of domestic violence could include the implementation of a protective order. Since a violation of a restraining order is a felony, accidental contact with a family member who is involved in the domestic violence case could result in further criminal charges. If a person wishes to have the restraining order thrown out, our attorneys may be able to help. An individual could contact an attorney the moment they become aware that a restraining order is being filed against them.

Our attorneys may help people avoid criminal convictions through a variety of tactics. Before a case goes to trial, the Pretrial Family Violence Program may be used in an effort to maintain a clean criminal record for the accused person while attempting to correct the underlying issues that might have led to the accusations. Visit our page on domestic violence to learn more about what a person could do after being accused of this type of crime.

Source: Berman & Russo, "Connecticut Domestic Violence Lawyers", September 04, 2014

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