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Serious charges for dad who supposedly forgot his child in a car

Some individuals may have noted the apparent increase in news stories featuring children who have been left in hot vehicles. Often, this occurs when a parent or caregiver is extremely stressed out, has a lapse in memory or some combination of the two. No matter the reason, serious charges usually result from incidents such as this. More recently, a Connecticut father was arrested and charged after apparently leaving his child in a vehicle.

In an increasingly digital age, things like computers and cell phones can pose as a serious distraction to almost anyone. That digital distraction is what allegedly caused a father to head into a local supermarket while he left his 6-month-old behind in the car. After police were alerted of the possibility of a child left in a hot car, they indicated that the temperature topped 130 degrees Fahrenheit inside of the vehicle.

Additionally, only one of the windows was cracked, though it was apparently open only a fraction of an inch. Police requested that the store page the owner of the vehicle, and the father reportedly hurried outside, where he was arrested. His child was transported to an area hospital and, after being checked, was reported to be in good condition.

This Connecticut father’s bond has been set at $25,000 with respect to a felony charge for the risk of injury to a minor. If convicted, he could receive a 10-year prison sentence for what may have simply been an extremely unfortunate lapse in memory. As he faces another court date in mid-July, it may prove to be beneficial for him to participate in a careful case review along with his counsel in order to determine how best to proceed in court. In the meantime, though some may feel inclined to jump to certain conclusions concerning serious charges related to a child left in a hot vehicle, his innocence and legal rights must be protected during all pending legal proceedings.

Source:, "Dad Allegedly Left Baby In Hot Car, Temperature Reached 130 Degrees", Robert Jonathan, July 2, 2014

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