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July 2014 Archives

FedEx facing drug charges for shipping illegal prescription meds

Along with the advent of the Internet came an entirely new way to shop, in which consumers could order clothes, movies and even groceries from the comfort of their own home. Some patients in Connecticut might have even been able to take advantage of online pharmacies in order to receive their medication through the mail. However, authorities claim that it can also be used to purchase illegal prescription medications. Recently, FedEx was charged and indicted on drug charges for shipping packages sent from some of those illegal pharmacies.

iPhone app leads to criminal charges for Connecticut man

Over the past several years, cell phones have become an increasingly integrated aspect of modern day society. With their increasing prevalence in everyday life, it may also seem as though they are also the focus of alleged criminal activity. A Connecticut man was recently arrested and is facing criminal charges that are related to an iPhone that was supposedly stolen.

Serious charges for dad who supposedly forgot his child in a car

Some individuals may have noted the apparent increase in news stories featuring children who have been left in hot vehicles. Often, this occurs when a parent or caregiver is extremely stressed out, has a lapse in memory or some combination of the two. No matter the reason, serious charges usually result from incidents such as this. More recently, a Connecticut father was arrested and charged after apparently leaving his child in a vehicle.

House guest allegedly steals car, charged with larceny, burglary

A Connecticut woman recently phoned the local authorities after she says that her vehicle went missing. After the stolen vehicle was located in Hartford, Connecticut, it was suspected that the car owner’s recent house guest may have been responsible. He has since been arrested and charged with both burglary and larceny.