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Connecticut professor retires amid sexual assault allegations

Music is sometimes touted as a healing art, and for some victims of various crimes, it might be an important outlet. A professor of music at the University of Connecticut was recently accused of behaving in such a way that was more harmful than healing. Although he has not been charged, an investigation into claims of sexual assault is ongoing.

The music professor was actually suspended from his position in 2013 amid allegations of sexual misconduct. It appears that the university that he taught at for over 30 years suspected that he violated the school's policy by engaging in inappropriate behavior with students. One such claim alleges that he once entered a hot tub full of his students while nude.

Additionally, other evidence suggested that he might have inappropriately touched some young boys who were attending a camp for sick children in the 1990s. It was also claimed that he may have also had acted inappropriately with another young boy outside of a church in a nearby state. The latter accusation is under investigation in Virginia, the state that it is said to have occurred in.

Under the rules that applied at the time he was hired, this Connecticut professor was able to avoid being fired by electing to retire as soon as he learned of the school’s intent to dismiss him. As no charges have actually been filed against him for these claims so far, the move was likely a smart one in order to protect the pension that he had earned over previous decades. However, it is possible that the ongoing investigation could produce criminal charges related to the alleged sexual assault in the nearby future. It may be in this professor’s best interest to carefully take into account the information from the investigation in order to make the best decisions in gathering a knowledgeable defense team should the need arise in the future.

Source: The Bulletin, "UConn professor retires amid disciplinary probe", , May 14, 2014

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