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Man drives through crowd of police, later charged drunk driving

While making the choice to drink alcohol and then drive is typically not the best -- or most legal -- of ideas, drinking and then driving through a crowd of police officers is certainly not advisable. However, Connecticut police claim that's exactly what one man did. The alleged drunk driver was arrested and is facing charges for drunk driving.

A non-related car chase resulted in a higher than average number of police officers at a traffic stop in Hartford along Route 17. While they did not participate in the chase, police from Gastonbury had also gathered at the site of the stop in order to help. Shortly before 1:30 a.m., a car drove through the small crowd of police officers.

It was noted that the emergency lights of the police cruisers were flashing at the time. Two different officers came close to being hit as the man drove through the scene that was flooded with police officers and their vehicles. The authorities proceeded to pull the driver over and arrested him on suspicion of drunk driving.

Instead of requiring the driver to post bail, Connecticut police released the man after he promised to appear in court later this month. While drunk driving is certainly a substantial charge, authorities must be able to prove that the driver was under the influence of alcohol according to the applicable statute covering his DUI charge. It may be likely that the driver and his defense may try to negotiate a plea agreement as a means of resolving the outstanding accusations and limiting the consequences that could come at formal sentencing. Ultimately, however, that choice is up to the individual charged, who always has the right to put prosecutors to their proof in court.

Source:, "Driver Nearly Runs Over Connecticut Police Officers", Christine Dempsey, April 8, 2014

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