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April 2014 Archives

Knife-wielding Connecticut teen faces serious charges

One teenage student is dead after a knife attack at her high school. Connecticut police arrested the student accused of attacking her, and he is currently being held at a medical facility while awaiting his arraignment. He is now facing serious charges for the death of his fellow high school student.

Larceny charges stem from open house showing

Open houses may be a prime opportunity for real estate agents and home owners to show off the potential of a house, but authorities allege that for two women, the potential they saw was something a little different. Two Connecticut women took the opportunity to turn an open showing into a private one, and then allegedly took belongings from multiple open house showings. The pair was later arrested separately and now face multiple charges, including larceny.

Man drives through crowd of police, later charged drunk driving

While making the choice to drink alcohol and then drive is typically not the best -- or most legal -- of ideas, drinking and then driving through a crowd of police officers is certainly not advisable. However, Connecticut police claim that's exactly what one man did. The alleged drunk driver was arrested and is facing charges for drunk driving.

Woman's car hits multiple cars, gas station -- charged with DUI

It is common knowledge that drinking and driving is dangerous and often illegal. A Connecticut police spokesman recently pointed to the steel girder that surrounded a gas station building as preventing possible deaths after an alleged drunk driver slammed into the structure. The driver was arrested and charged with a DUI.

3 boys face drug charges for pot brownies at Connecticut school

Marijuana brownies might appear to be an over-generalized stereotype of the pot-smoking community. However, three students at a Connecticut high school are facing the potential of expulsion after school authorities say they brought this drug-laced dessert onto campus. Although they have been released to their parents, all three are currently facing drug charges in juvenile court.