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Sexual assault charges brought against Connecticut physician

A medical practitioner's code of ethics prohibits physical contact with patients in a sexual manner. So does the criminal law. Many physicians have been arrested in Connecticut and every other state for rape and sexual contact under circumstances where they attempted to disguise their assaultive intentions under a cloak of performing a medical procedure. Those with the greatest opportunity to engage in the deceptive sexual assault of a patient have of course been the gynecologists and related specialties, but such allegations of criminal sexual assault have occurred in all medical specialties.

Doctors are generally arrested and prosecuted on the same-sex crimes applicable to any accused sex offender. These are usually rape, sexual assault, unlawful touching and harassment. Furthermore, in the areas of psychiatry, psychology and counseling, there are a subcategory of so-called consensual sexual contact cases between therapists and their patients.

Even though patients presumably give consent in many of these therapeutic relationships, the use of deception by the therapist may be evident. These relationships also involve emotional and mental damages due to a perversion of the psychotherapeutic process called transference. In a case dealing with the more traditional setting of a general practitioner's office, a Connecticut doctor was arrested and charged with sexual assault of two female patients from incidents in the summer of 2013. The methods allegedly used to carry out these assaults were not reported.

The doctor, through his Connecticut attorney, issued a statement saying that he had worked for many years to build a fine reputation and that he would let the legal process clear his good name. Prosecutors generally expect that more victims will come forth after they make a public arrest and begin a prosecutorial process. It is harder for the prosecution to obtain a conviction with only one or two complaining witnesses, especially if particularly deceptive means were used in certain kinds of examinations. When there are a group of sexual assault victims, it is generally very persuasive in bringing about a plea bargaining agreement.

Source: NBC Connecticut, Avon Doctor Accused of Sexually Assaulting Patients, No author, Jan. 24, 2014

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