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Metro worker blamed for sex crimes re sleeping passenger

Some things are too embarrassing to discuss. It's thus beyond embarrassing for the woman who woke up on the Metro-North line in Connecticut to see a man ejaculating on her. She had taken what now seems to be the daring step of trying to have a normal cat-nap on the commuter train, the woman never imagined that the clientele on the line were that disgusting and perverted. It turns out that it wasn't just a passenger who is accused of committing the sex crimes -- it was allegedly an employee of the Metro-North lines.

The incident almost seems to be the culminating (no pun intended) event in a series of bad happenings for the train line in the past year. The company has been plagued by accidents, computer glitches and bad weather. It has also suffered human error, inordinate delays and the like. In any event, after the victim woke up, she screamed and chased after the man, who escaped by jumping off the train at the Fairfield stop.

He was caught later walking in Fairfield. A spokesperson for Metro-North said the man was supposed to be on his way to take a written test in New Haven to become an engineer for the train. That would have been a significant promotion for him. From the defense, these allegations should be viewed cautiously

The President of Metro-North expressed outrage at the "disgusting actions" of the employee. In light of that allegedly outrageous employee behavior, it seems strange that the police chose not to charge any true sex crimes. Instead, the chose the relatively minor offenses of public indecency and breach of peace.

Since the woman screamed when she woke up, a charge of some sort of sexual assault would seem appropriate. At any rate, it's good news for Connecticut criminal defense counsel, who may be able to work out a simple plea agreement and have the matter quickly resolved. Of course, that assumes that the allegations hold water. If the woman clearly identifies him, that will probably do it.

Source:, Metro-North worker arrested for lewd behavior, Justin Pottle and Martin Cassidy, Jan. 28, 2014

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