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Criminal charges against pool man who releases freezing water

Reckless conduct connotes that the person's actions are indifferent to, or otherwise disregard, the rights of others, under circumstances where harm or even death to others could be expected. It has been less than criminally intentional behavior, yet it is more than mere negligence. Criminal charges of reckless endangerment are usually defined as actions that create a substantial risk of death or serious injury to others. A Connecticut man was recently arrested for reckless endangerment when he drained a swimming pool onto a public road during ice-cold freezing temperatures.

The man was working for a Darien pool company. When presumably emptying the pool so that the water would not freeze and harm the customer's pool, the man allegedly ran a hose to the street, just a few yards from a dangerous curve that was known to cause accidents under even normal conditions. In this case, a sheet of ice rapidly covered the road. Police were called to the scene, where several accidents had quickly occurred, but they had difficulty maneuvering the ice to reach the scene.

One lady hit a salt truck that was summoned to the scene, and she was taken to the hospital and later released. Police apparently traced the ice to the private pool where they found the pool worker. They arrested him for reckless endangerment. The pool company was called by reporters, but the person answering the phone was understandably unable to volunteer a comment. The man was booked and released on $1,000 bail.

Connecticut criminal defense counsel may possibly decide to defend the criminal charges on the premise that the accused acted unwittingly and without the settled kind of criminal intent that is usually required for criminal responsibility. Even criminal recklessness entails a degree of awareness of the dangers being created. In this case, it may be argued that the man may have simply drawn an innocent mental blank when he failed to see that there were dangerous consequences to his actions.

Source: New Haven Register, Police: Connecticut man drains swimming pool onto road, causes traffic mess, No author, Jan. 10, 2014

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