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Connecticut high school principal arrested for drunk driving

Being arrested for drunk driving is one of the most common ways that some Connecticut residents find themselves in trouble with the law. The consequences and social stigma associated with such an arrest can negatively affect one's career and professional relationships. A 44-year-old high school principal was recently arrested for drunk driving in Torrington. Her future employment with the school system is now in jeopardy, and it is possible she could lose her job.

The high school principal was arrested in early January after police were notified of an allegedly erratic driver by an ambulance crew. Police received the call at approximately 12 a.m. on a Saturday. An officer responded and discovered the principal in her vehicle, which reportedly matched the ambulance crew's description, waiting in line at a Burger King drive thru establishment.

The responding officer requested that the woman perform a field sobriety test, which she is said to have failed. The specific nature of the test was not described. She was subsequently arrested and charged with DUI. Later, she was released after satisfying a bond of $1,000. Her first court date is scheduled for mid-January.

The superintendent for the woman's school system has not issued any statements with regard to the future of the principal's employment at Litchfield High School. If a decision on the matter is not immediately made, then the outcome of her criminal case could have a major impact on her employment status. If, for example, she is convicted of DUI, she may face negative consequences at work -- in addition to the possibility of losing her driving privileges and other punishments.

Whenever a Connecticut resident is arrested for drunk driving, it is important to review the facts of the case with an eye toward building a strong criminal defense against the allegations. In some cases, the evidence against the accused is overwhelmingly strong and it may be a viable strategy to seek a plea agreement as a means of limiting any exposure at sentencing. In other cases, evidence may exist that points to a reasonable doubt about the individual's guilt, or evidence in the possession of prosecutors may be subject to successful legal challenges with regard to its admissibility at trial.

Source:, School principal from Valley arrested for DUI, No author, Jan. 8, 2014

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