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January 2014 Archives

Metro worker blamed for sex crimes re sleeping passenger

Some things are too embarrassing to discuss. It's thus beyond embarrassing for the woman who woke up on the Metro-North line in Connecticut to see a man ejaculating on her. She had taken what now seems to be the daring step of trying to have a normal cat-nap on the commuter train, the woman never imagined that the clientele on the line were that disgusting and perverted. It turns out that it wasn't just a passenger who is accused of committing the sex crimes -- it was allegedly an employee of the Metro-North lines.

Sexual assault charges brought against Connecticut physician

A medical practitioner's code of ethics prohibits physical contact with patients in a sexual manner. So does the criminal law. Many physicians have been arrested in Connecticut and every other state for rape and sexual contact under circumstances where they attempted to disguise their assaultive intentions under a cloak of performing a medical procedure. Those with the greatest opportunity to engage in the deceptive sexual assault of a patient have of course been the gynecologists and related specialties, but such allegations of criminal sexual assault have occurred in all medical specialties.

Criminal charges against pool man who releases freezing water

Reckless conduct connotes that the person's actions are indifferent to, or otherwise disregard, the rights of others, under circumstances where harm or even death to others could be expected. It has been less than criminally intentional behavior, yet it is more than mere negligence. Criminal charges of reckless endangerment are usually defined as actions that create a substantial risk of death or serious injury to others. A Connecticut man was recently arrested for reckless endangerment when he drained a swimming pool onto a public road during ice-cold freezing temperatures.

Connecticut high school principal arrested for drunk driving

Being arrested for drunk driving is one of the most common ways that some Connecticut residents find themselves in trouble with the law. The consequences and social stigma associated with such an arrest can negatively affect one's career and professional relationships. A 44-year-old high school principal was recently arrested for drunk driving in Torrington. Her future employment with the school system is now in jeopardy, and it is possible she could lose her job.

Man accused on criminal charges of stealing from animal shelter

Modern statutes from state to state provide a wide variety of theft offenses to cover almost every imaginable situation where someone steals something from another. Traditionally, the most serious of the criminal charges associated with theft was the felony known as burglary. This consisted of the breaking and entering of the dwelling house of another at nighttime, with the intent to commit a felony therein. Under modern statutes, including in Connecticut, several of those requirements have been dropped.