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Accused home invaders arrested on criminal charges in New London

A home is one's sacred castle. It's where someone can retreat to, always return to, and have the freedom to be sheltered therein from the turmoil outside. When a family's home is dramatically invaded by violent criminals looking to steel and plunder, the disruption to their emotional peace is substantial and likely to be permanent. In this day, moreover, some of the perpetrators of this crime have left a trail of homicide, especially of older victims, behind them. Criminal charges brought against suspected home invaders are serious charges, in Connecticut or anywhere else.

A burglary is the entering of a building for the purpose of committing a crime therein. A burglary is usually a felony. As a society, we're adjusted to the specter of the cat burglar who surreptitiously does his business, tries not to bother anyone and makes his escape into the night.

However, a home invasion implies a sudden, bold intrusion against the personal peace of the inhabitants. There is often intimidation and violence. A home invasion may include an armed robbery as a separate violation.

For example, two 20-year-old men were arrested recently by New London police for a string of home invasions, burglaries and robberies. The police allege that in one instance the suspects used a stun gun to steal from an elderly man over 90 years old. That qualifies as a home invasion and an armed robbery. The robbery offense is defined as the taking of property from the person of someone by using force or intimidation and putting the victim in fear.

Criminal defense counsel has a tough road to haul in defending those accused of violent home invasions. If guilt is established, then plea bargaining must focus and frame the representation. If one of the suspects has cooperated with the police, that's an excellent way for that suspect to get a better sentence.

Connecticut criminal defense counsel for an informing defendant will have a smoother case and a better outcome on the criminal charges. It often happens that the first to cooperate, whether the leader or an underling, gets the best deal. But there is one caveat: the non-cooperating suspect may have been falsely fingered by the "cooperating" suspect. In that event, counsel will significantly alter the case strategy going forward.

Source: CBS Connecticut, Police Arrest Two Involved In New London Crime String, No author, Dec. 1, 2013

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