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December 2013 Archives

Improved justice for juveniles facing criminal charges in state

It now seems incredible but up until 2007 Connecticut treated 16 and 17 year-olds as adults for purposes of criminal law prosecutions and punishment. It was one of only three states in the country that did that. By having minors prosecuted as adults on criminal charges, Connecticut had a system that got an earlier jump in educating our youth about the culture of crime.

Police try to prosecute teens for not stopping drunk driving

The Glastonbury police are taking the laws relating to drunk driving to a new level that some critics say is overreaching. The police are saying that when two 17-year-old boys got out of a car and allowed a drunk occupant to drive off, that they were committing criminal conduct by not stopping her. Police arrested one of the two boys for reckless endangerment and both of them for violation of passenger restrictions. The issue being tested is whether in Connecticut a passenger can be criminally responsible for letting someone engage in drunk driving when they presumably could have stopped the person from going forward.

Accused home invaders arrested on criminal charges in New London

A home is one's sacred castle. It's where someone can retreat to, always return to, and have the freedom to be sheltered therein from the turmoil outside. When a family's home is dramatically invaded by violent criminals looking to steel and plunder, the disruption to their emotional peace is substantial and likely to be permanent. In this day, moreover, some of the perpetrators of this crime have left a trail of homicide, especially of older victims, behind them. Criminal charges brought against suspected home invaders are serious charges, in Connecticut or anywhere else.

Man gets criminal charges for hate crimes for attacking clerk

Hate crimes have been given intensive attention by federal authorities and are the subject of several federal statutes, including a number of statutes that increase data reporting of such crimes on a national basis. Also on a federal level, enhanced penalties are imposed for crimes involving hate based on race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, and disability. State laws in Connecticut and elsewhere also provide for criminal charges relating to hate crimes, but each state differs in its treatment by its particular statutory enactment.