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Hartford County parents face criminal charges after teen party

Most people expect teenagers here in Hartford and elsewhere to be a bit rebellious and maybe even attend parties where alcohol is served. However, if parents are present at a party where underage drinking is taking place, they may be subject to criminal charges. This is true even if they don't provide the alcohol. A couple is now facing criminal charges after approximately 100 teens were caught drinking in their home.

Police were informed about the party before it even started, and they received more phone calls when neighbors saw a large number of cars arriving. They found evidence of drug use, liquor and beer in the yard at the couple's residence when they arrived on the scene. Police estimate that 100 teenagers between 15 and 17 years of age were inside the home. Reports indicate that more had been in attendance but left before police arrived.

The 50-year-old woman who has been charged told police that she preferred for the teens to party in a safe environment instead of a club. Neither parent confiscated the car keys of the teenagers who drove there. Police say that the couple did not supply the alcohol that was served at the party, but they knew the teens were drinking.

It was not reported what the nature of the criminal charges are for these Hartford County parents, nor what type of punishment they face. Regardless, they will need a solid strategy to defend themselves against the allegations. They may benefit from speaking to someone who has knowledge of all the intricacies of criminal law so they can pursue the best approach to fight the charges.

Source: Hartford Courant, Glastonbury Parents Charged After Underage Drinking Party, Christine Dempsey, Oct. 1, 2013

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