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Man's explosive remark ends in criminal charges in Connecticut

Since the days of the September 11th attacks against our country, there have been many security changes in all of the states especially at airports. Recently a man who was planning to catch a flight in Connecticut allegedly made a remark that has now landed him in a situation that involves him facing criminal charges. Unfortunately, he will not be taking off any time soon.

The 26-year-old would be traveler was reportedly selected by security workers for a more thorough search. It was not clear what prompted their decision to do so. When the man was questioned by the screeners if he was carrying anything in any of his pockets, he is alleged to have stated that he had a bomb. Reportedly the remark caused officials to shut down the screening area for close to 30 minutes while they investigated the situation.

It was also reported that the man's female companion was subjected to interrogation because of his bomb comment. The man is now facing charges, but it has not been publicly stated what those charges included. There was no information about whether his companion was also being held. He was arrested and is being held until a court appearance has been scheduled.

This man is facing criminal charges due to a possibly off-hand remark that he could have made without giving the possible ramifications serious thought. There have not been any statements from officials as to whether the man was behaving in a manner that would have drawn their attention. Regardless of what prompted the man to say such a thing while preparing to board a plane, he could be in serious trouble with state and possibly federal officials. Connecticut laws will allow this man to seek information that may afford him an opportunity to decide on the best course of action to protect his rights and attempt to resolve the charges against him.

Source:, "Man arrested at Conn. airport over 'bomb' remark," Aug. 5, 2013