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Connecticut man accused of domestic violence has guns seized

Police have executed a warrant to remove all weapons from the possession of a Connecticut man that has been accused of assaulting his wife. The domestic violence guidelines in Connecticut require that anyone who has been accused of violent behavior turn over any firearms they may own. Police reportedly also took the man's permit that was issued for his handgun.

The man was not at the home when officials were called in response to a claim from a woman that she was hit by her husband. They are estranged, and the man does not reside at the address where the call was made. When the police arrived, the wife stated that her husband had hit her after they were alleged to have had a disagreement concerning whether the husband was permitted to have any of his personal belongings in the home. The police stated that the disagreement also involved a dispute over a van and who was to have the use of it.

The wife has alleged that her husband hit her while their young child was standing with them. The husband, who has an apartment elsewhere, had just been over to the home to return the child to the mother after a visit. When the police arrived, they reported that the woman claimed that she was in pain from a blow to her face that she received from her estranged husband. Authorities asked for medical transportation to take the woman to the hospital for treatment.

The man that has been accused has voluntarily presented himself to law enforcement and he has been released on bail in this case. Police has stated that the man is being charged with domestic violence and with the possible potential injury to a minor child. There has been no report of any harm being inflicted on the child and the man has seemed to cooperate with police in this matter. Connecticut laws will afford this man the opportunity to present a defense against these charges as well as additional access to information that may allow him to decide on the best resolution concerning the charges that have been filed against him.

Source:, "Cops seize guns in domestic violence case," July 19, 2013