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Noted Connecticut meteorologist facing domestic violence charges

Domestic abuse is an unfortunate circumstance that can occur in families of all different social areas. From small town couples to well-known celebrities, domestic violence can suddenly appear between even the happiest seeming pair. When this situation arises, it is important that authorities look into the incident and hear from all parties involved in order to better determine who -- if anyone -- should be facing charges.

Emmy award winning Connecticut meteorologist Bill Evans is currently undergoing proceedings regarding charges brought against him and his wife stemming from a domestic dispute. The incident in question reportedly occurred earlier this year in May, though there are limited reports as to what the event entailed. The two are also going through divorce proceedings, and there have been reports of the two being less than amiable toward one another. Whether the alleged argument that resulted in the assault charges was related to their separation is unknown.

Both Evans and his wife are facing the same charges of assault and disorderly conduct, and both reportedly turned themselves in of their own volition. As they are cooperating with authorities and the court system, neither party is being held in custody and are set to appear at their appointed court date. As it is unclear at this time how the argument escalated into a violent affair, it is important that authorities look into all evidence regarding the situation.

Evans and his wife are both entitled to presenting a defense against the allegations they are facing. They may wish to offer their own evidence pertaining to the case that would perhaps lessen the charges brought against them. Each has the ability to gather information on domestic violence and assault charges in Connecticut as well as criminal proceedings relating to their case in order to better prepare themselves for their court date.

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