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Harassment leads to assault and arrest in Connecticut

A 35-year old Connecticut man was arrested and charged with assault. Law enforcement officers state that the man and his wife had been victims of harassment by the man who was beaten. The victim of the beating is in serious condition at a local hospital. He is believed to have severe head injuries.

According to police reports, the victim had been engaging in long-term harassment of the couple. When the victim arrived at the couple's home at 10:30 at night, the husband beat the victim with a bat. Police investigating the couple's home found evidence of the crime, and the man was arrested. He was charged with first-degree assault. He is currently in custody, and bail has been set at $500,000.

The investigation continues into this domestic disturbance, and investigators will collect both physical evidence and witness testimony. Even though Connecticut does not currently have a "Castle Doctrine" as a part of its statutes, there are statutes which may justify the use of physical force in the defense of oneself, others and in some cases, premises. Special attention will be given to witness accounts of the harassment that the man and his wife were being subjected to, if threats were made and by whom. The man who has been arrested would benefit from knowing Connecticut's laws regarding self-defense and defense of another.

The rights of people to defend themselves, their loved ones and their homes are protected in most states, Connecticut among them. However, certain conditions do apply and what constitutes "reasonable" or “necessary" force is a question that a jury will decide. Harassment by itself may not rise to the level of threat required to justify using physical force in defense of self or others. In defending himself against these assault charges, it would be very helpful for this man to obtain a record of all witness testimony that could confirm when and to what degree the harassment became a direct threat to himself or his wife.

Source: Hartford Courant, "Police: Man Harassing Married Couple Is Beaten, Husband Is Arrested," Hilda Munoz, July 18, 2013