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Connecticut man faces criminal charges in alleged machete threats

Criminal charges are rarely easy for any Connecticut resident to endure, especially when the allegations are serious in nature. Facing criminal charges for purportedly acting in a threatening or violent manner toward others can be particularly serious. One Connecticut man was recently accused of threatening several young people in his neighborhood and of waving a machete in their direction after a dispute broke out. Reports also indicate that the man struck more than one mailbox with the machete and damaged a Jeep's side mirror.

Authorities have leveled several second-degree criminal charges against the 45-year-old man, including criminal mischief, breaching the peace and threatening the teens. The man was able to post bail in the amount of $500 after his arrest and is set to face the charges in a Connecticut Superior Court in early May. In addition to being accused of threatening the young people, officials maintain that he caused at least $1,000 in damage during the incident.

Reports indicate that the altercation broke out because the man claims that the youths interrupt his attempts to sleep by shouting profanities directly outside his window. The night that this dispute erupted, he allegedly drove around the area on his dirt bike, argued with the teens and stated that he would kill the youths. He left but later returned, purportedly riding a bicycle rather than the dirt bike and this time waving around a machete.

Connecticut authorities are obviously taking these criminal charges seriously. However, an accusation of criminal wrongdoing doesn't mean that the accused individual has actually done anything illegal. A trial will be required wherein prosecutors must show enough evidence to prove this man's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Since authorities do not always succeed in overcoming their high burden of proof, all accused individuals are guaranteed the right to be presumed innocent in the meantime.

Source:, "Report: Man waved machete in dispute with teens," April 29, 2013

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