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Connecticut officials charge woman with DUI after blackout

DUI charges can seem to put a person's life on hold as they deal with the legal fallout from facing criminal allegations. One recent DUI case also illustrates the importance of insisting on remaining silent once police make such allegations. A woman was arrested for DUI in Monroe, Connecticut and may have made her case more problematic by making conflicting statements to police officials.

Authorities maintain that Monroe police arrested the woman for suspected DUI after she passed out while driving her young daughter to a daycare center. A concerned neighbor evidently trailed the woman to her daughter's daycare after the 32-year-old mother actually drove through a neighbor's lawn. The woman was subsequently arrested at the daycare center.

Police officials also accused her of attempting to evade responsibility and putting her minor daughter in risk of injury. The conflicting stories came in when, according to officials, she first claimed that she passed out due to the condition of narcolepsy. While it's true that narcolepsy can cause people to unexpected fall asleep, the complication in this case is that the woman apparently also told authorities she had taken various medications before getting into the car with her daughter.

Oxycodone numbered among the medications she allegedly claimed to have ingested before driving. State welfare officials reportedly took the woman's daughter into their safekeeping and the woman now faces the DUI and other related charges. In cases like this, accused individuals must typically choose between negotiating a plea with Connecticut authorities and fighting the charges made against them. There is not yet any indication which route this particular woman will take, although it does seem clear that her life may be in upheaval in the meantime.

Source:, "Newtown mom charged with DUI, claims narcolepsy," April 16, 2013

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