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Criminal defense is different in each case in Connecticut

Sometimes, defendants have previously handled cases with the court system to a relatively positive conclusion. As a result, they may have the impression that they know the system well and can handle the legal system as a whole. It can be helpful for defendants in Connecticut and elsewhere to keep in mind that each case is different and it may help them to be well-prepared with a strong criminal defense for any charges they face.

In one recent case, a previously convicted defendant received his first long sentence. The defendant had had multiple convictions for felonies over a period of nearly 40 years. The cases he had been involved with varied tremendously, and included accusations of assault and battery and other felonies. Some of the convictions included charges for which he could have received as much as 10 years, such as assault of a police officer.

Still, the man managed to serve less than ten years in prison over the years. He was known for being able to effectively cut deals for himself. The most recent accusations he faced involved stalking and violating a court order not to contact someone. Despite the court order, the man is accused of calling the same woman, an ex-girlfriend, more than 1700 times in a year.

With the actual court order in place, the potential for this case to be especially challenging was great. The defendant went to court and defended himself to the best of his ability, but ended up with 30 years of court-related supervision, including nearly 20 years in prison and the remaining time in special parole. It is not clear which of the charges the defendant was ultimately found guilty of, but the whole of the circumstances may have made this case more difficult than others he had faced. When the accusations against an accused individual sound extreme and they have a prior history, a more in-depth understanding of the court and criminal defense may help such Connecticut defendants to achieve a more positive result.

Source: Hartford Courant, "Convicted Felon With Long Criminal History Sentenced To 18 Years," Jesse Leavenworth, Feb. 25, 2013

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