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Criminal charges of theft can result from others' mistakes

People sometimes think that the worst that can happen if they take advantage of someone else's mistake is that they may have to say they are sorry and then fix it. Unfortunately, an apology and an offer to resolve the financial issues related to a mistake may be less than what the law requires. Even if someone does not actively seek to hurt another person, they may still be criminally liable for taking advantage of someone else's mistake. In Connecticut, they may even end up facing criminal charges.

A woman with financial problems began receiving extra money in her account in 2010. She did not know where the money was coming from, but she also did not question it. Amounts continued to be deposited into her account for a period of two years and grew to more than $70,000.

Eventually, an investigation at C Town Supermarket determined that the chain was depositing money into her account by mistake. Currently, there is no allegation that she actively sought to have the funds transferred to her. She claims she prayed for help from God for her financial problems, and shortly thereafter the money started coming into her account. Still, she has been charged with felony larceny in the case.

Even though it is possible that the funds appearing in her account was a mistake by the supermarket, by spending the money she is now facing criminal charges in Connecticut. Resolving this issue well may require knowledge of the applicable laws and court procedures, including an awareness of how mistake-related cases are typically handled. One focus of the prosecution will likely be on recovering and lost funds, and that may be an important factor as the accused woman seeks the most favorable outcome available to her.

Source:, "Connecticut woman charged with felony larceny says money appeared in bank account after she prayed for financial relief," March 14, 2013

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