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March 2013 Archives

Criminal charges of theft can result from others' mistakes

People sometimes think that the worst that can happen if they take advantage of someone else's mistake is that they may have to say they are sorry and then fix it. Unfortunately, an apology and an offer to resolve the financial issues related to a mistake may be less than what the law requires. Even if someone does not actively seek to hurt another person, they may still be criminally liable for taking advantage of someone else's mistake. In Connecticut, they may even end up facing criminal charges.

Criminal charges may result from legitimate business activity

There are different types of sales and businesses in Connecticut. Some specialize in providing what is readily available at a good price or a convenient location. Others seek to provide something that is exclusive and select, often for higher price. For various reasons these types of businesses may succeed or fail, but mere failure to be able to provide the goods may or may not justify criminal charges. Such results may lead to an allegation of theft.

Criminal defense is different in each case in Connecticut

Sometimes, defendants have previously handled cases with the court system to a relatively positive conclusion. As a result, they may have the impression that they know the system well and can handle the legal system as a whole. It can be helpful for defendants in Connecticut and elsewhere to keep in mind that each case is different and it may help them to be well-prepared with a strong criminal defense for any charges they face.

Charges for Connecticut sex crimes can have a long-term impact

Defendants accused of any serious crime face significant negative consequences if the charges result in a conviction. Their reputation is impacted and likely much of their future is as well. Connecticut defendants accused of sex crimes face even more difficult ramifications as a result of any conviction. Therefore, they may want to make an extra effort to defend against any charges they face in order to protect themselves and their quality of life.