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Drug charges come after Connecticut cops investigate wrong person

Sometimes when the police are looking for a particular suspect, they investigate and end up charging other individuals along the way. Regardless, the police are still required to meet standards of reasonable suspicion and follow all of the rules for search and seizure. In a situation where an individual is being interrogated in relation to a specific crime but an unrelated arrest on drug charges results, knowing the criminal procedural laws of Connecticut may help.

In a recent incident in Brookfield, police were looking for a car that fled the scene of an accident. It is not clear what the details were behind the crash, but the subsequent investigation led police in an interesting direction. During their investigation, they pulled over a man who had a similar car to that described in the accident.

This specific vehicle did not have any physical damage, even though it was similar to the one involved in the crash. The police checked the vehicle over and interview the driver, couldn't link the car or the individual to crash. However, despite that fact, police gave the defendant a sobriety test at the scene and he was searched. The police found prescription drugs that he did not have a prescription for as well as small quantities of marijuana.

The young man was arrested with a list of drug charges, in addition to DUI. A significant defense for him and others like him may be whether or not the police were following proper procedure at the time of the arrest, since a cursory examination of the car would rule out any physical damage. It can help defendants facing this type of charges to be aware of the relevant Connecticut laws regarding search and seizure.

Source: Brookfield Patch, "Similar Car Leads Officer to DUI, Drug Arrest," Jan. 23, 2013

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