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Connecticut man prepares criminal defense after gun charges

There is a sense of safety that is taken for granted in and around most of our home environments. When that sense of safety is breached, the law may be a bit aggressive in its efforts to restore a sense of safety in the community. Once shots are fired, police in Connecticut and elsewhere will take serious and significant action to restore order to the community, and accused individuals will likely want to mount a strong criminal defense. They may need to take extra steps to protect their rights and defend themselves in such cases.

In a New Haven neighborhood in mid-February, a man was arrested for carrying a firearm and other criminal charges after police responded to a call about gunshots being fired at a house. According to the story told by officers, a man was identified by a woman who approached them on the street around 9 p.m. The woman pointed out the man, who was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, and said he was carrying a gun.

The police then say they approached the man. They claim that as he saw them approach, he threw something that he had in his hand towards a tree. The officers further claim that he refused to show them his hands and attempted to hit them when they handcuffed him.

The police in Connecticut claim to have recovered the gun from where they say he left it. According to reports, the man responded that he was not involved in the shooting earlier that night and his weapon was not used in the crime they were investigating. While his situation sounds very irregular, it may not be unusual for someone in his neighborhood to carry a weapon.

Despite the circumstantial evidence that may sound incriminating, it is important that the defendant be aware he has rights and that he is entitled to a criminal defense to the charges against him. It generally benefits defendants to be aware of the law when they prepare their presentation for the court, and it would likely help this individual as well.

Source:, "New Haven man arrested on gun charges after shots fired," Feb. 7, 2013

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