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February 2013 Archives

Connecticut men face criminal charges after assaulting police

When people are defending themselves against charges, it is good for them to be aware of the public impression of certain types of accusations. An accusation of a behavior that is considered beyond the pale can make a case much more difficult to defend. People can be accused of crimes that may not have serious penalties but still have a significant impact on how the public views that person. An effective defense to such criminal charges may be supported by a good understanding of the relevant Connecticut law.

Connecticut man prepares criminal defense after gun charges

There is a sense of safety that is taken for granted in and around most of our home environments. When that sense of safety is breached, the law may be a bit aggressive in its efforts to restore a sense of safety in the community. Once shots are fired, police in Connecticut and elsewhere will take serious and significant action to restore order to the community, and accused individuals will likely want to mount a strong criminal defense. They may need to take extra steps to protect their rights and defend themselves in such cases.

Drug charges come after Connecticut cops investigate wrong person

Sometimes when the police are looking for a particular suspect, they investigate and end up charging other individuals along the way. Regardless, the police are still required to meet standards of reasonable suspicion and follow all of the rules for search and seizure. In a situation where an individual is being interrogated in relation to a specific crime but an unrelated arrest on drug charges results, knowing the criminal procedural laws of Connecticut may help.

Witness identification challenges the criminal defense

Eyewitness accounts are often unreliable. In entirely too many cases over the years, eyewitness testimony has been shown to be false or erroneous, often because defendants are able to establish without doubt that they were elsewhere when a crime was allegedly committed. Even so, once a witness identification has been made in Connecticut, it can be very difficult to refute. An effective criminal defense is likely based upon a good understanding of the relevant laws in witness identification.

Connecticut priest indicted on drug charges

Leaders in the community with reputations as upstanding citizens risk suffering serious damage to their reputations if they are wrongly charged of a drug crime. The difficulties they face increase dramatically upon any conviction in Connecticut courts. Their ability to maintain something of their standing depends on being well prepared against the drug charges.