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January 2013 Archives

Criminal defense made more difficult by long investigations

At times, police investigations can be long, arduous processes. While it can take time for the police to gather evidence and put together a case, they must not trample the rights of possibly innocent people in the process. In a criminal defense matter, if a defendant is under investigation for long periods of time, the specter of guilt may affect their ability to have a fair trial in Connecticut and elsewhere.

A strong Connecticut criminal defense requires preparation

When a defendant has a history with the criminal justice system, it can make any future case more difficult for them. The predisposition of the courts and prosecutors to assume that 'there must be something to it' can make it very challenging for defendants to get the system to hear their position and side. Even with that said, though, each and every defendant is entitled to a presumption of innocence in any subsequent case. A key to putting on an effective criminal defense in Connecticut in a case that has the potential for potential bias is understanding the law as well as possible.

Drug charges include drug factory in Connecticut firefighter case

The nature of a person's job can make getting charged with a crime even more difficult than it normally would be. When a person is given the public's trust in their position, it is expected that they will uphold the law. If a person is accused of breaking the law, the negative publicity for the involved department of government can be extreme, and in a case that involves serious allegations like drug charges, there may be an effort to resolve the issue quickly rather that in the most just manner possible

Drug charges in major Connecticut narcotics sweep

It seems to be increasingly common to see drug busts involving large numbers of accused individuals. In these cases, many different legal issues arise that may increase the complexity of trying such individuals when compared with cases that involve only one or two defendants. There is also often a conflict of interest that prevents defendants from working together in their defense. In a recent police investigation that resulted in drug charges against at least 20 people, the East Central Narcotics Task Force in Connecticut confiscated cocaine, drug paraphernalia, oxycontin, marijuana and other drugs and cash.