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December 2012 Archives

Additional charges in Connecticut drunk driving cases

Often when there is an arrest, the accused individual may be unaware of just how many charges they could face arising from a single incident. They underestimate the potential problem because they do not fully understand the applicable laws or the penalties they could face. A common additional charge in drunk driving cases in Connecticut, for example, is risk to a minor.

2 Connecticut men face drug charges after undercover bust

Two Connecticut men are in trouble after a purported scheme to sell deodorant after passing it off as crack cocaine. The two are accused of trying to sell the deodorant to an undercover officer seeking to purchase crack cocaine. The men are now facing a variety of criminal charges related to the scheme, including drug charges.

State Representative facing domestic violence charges

Domestic violence is a very disturbing type of crime, and one that Connecticut courts take very seriously. When a person whom one loves and shares a life with violates that trust through hurtful actions, the effects can be devastating. Aside from the criminal ramifications of domestic violence charges, there are social ones, as well. Our culture looks down upon those who choose to harm the people closest to them, and many offenders find themselves ostracized within their communities. Unfortunately, this can occur in instances in which the charges are later dropped, dismissed or proven false in a court of law.

Hartford man sentenced in heroin distribution case

The ATF has recently announced the outcome of a Hartford drug case. A 22-year-old man was sentenced in connection to federal drug charges of distributing heroin. A case such as this one shows the severity of drug charges and the serious nature of the consequences for those who are accused and convicted of involvement in the manufacture or distribution of drugs. The life-altering consequences lead many to seek a solid criminal defense against federal drug charges.