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November 2012 Archives

Connecticut bus driver faces criminal charges for tirade on bus

Although an individual may not intend to carry out any physical act, the words they use can result in criminal charges if it is found that they are threatening in nature. However, how can Connecticut police charge someone if they cannot tell exactly what was said or how it was said? In a recent case, Connecticut police have brought criminal charges against a bus driver who they allege was making inappropriate comments to middle school children.

Criminal charges stem from Waterford gas station armed robbery

A Connecticut armed robbery, by its very nature, is a serious offense. When one of the parties facing such criminal charges is a minor, the legal ramifications become increasingly complicated. Recently, a 20-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy were arrested and charged with criminal offenses resulting from a purported robbery of a newly opened service station in Waterford.

Hartford Police respond to stolen delivery car, file drug charges

As our Hartford readers likely know, news reports on purported crimes vary greatly. One recent report involves a restaurant delivery truck. According to reports a food delivery vehicle was parked and running when a 45-year-old man stole the vehicle, leading to the drug charges.

Hartford woman facing criminal charges reaches plea agreement

It is not every day that our readers learn of a robbery-gone-wrong due to trying to use handcuffs ill suited for the task. Though she was a conspirator in the planning of a 2008 holdup at an Ellington jewelry store, a 31-year-old Hartford woman has avoided jail for the criminal charges against her after a Connecticut court gave her a suspended sentence. The suspended sentence came after the woman, who cooperated with police, entered a plea to the conspiracy under the Alford doctrine. This legal procedure allows an accused person to concede there is sufficient evidence for a conviction to be obtained without actually acknowledging guilt for the criminal charges.