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Connecticut woman faces DUI charges in unusual case

A bizarre DUI arrest demonstrates that criminal charges can result from unusual circumstances. Police say they were conducting a traffic stop when a car driven by a 36-year-old Connecticut woman sped around a corner and nearly collided with the vehicle that was pulled over. Police report that the driver lost control as she sped around the corner. This action led to a series of events that now have left the woman facing DUI charges.

When police approached the woman they reported smelling alcohol, which prompted them to conduct field sobriety tests. According to reports, the driver failed the tests but denied having ingested alcohol. In an unusual twist, she was not lying that she had not drank alcohol. Apparently, the woman later admitted that she drank about half a bottle of hand sanitizer.

According to police, breath tests came back positive for alcohol, reporting blood alcohol content results of just over and just under twice the legal limit in Connecticut. The driver now faces charges of driving under the influence and failing to drive right. A $500 bond was posted, and the driver was released from custody.

The blood test results may be but one of the factors considered by a defense on behalf of the driver accused in this case. As with anyone in Connecticut, this woman has the right to present a vigorous defense against the allegations. This defense may include a thorough examination of all aspects of the traffic stop which led to the DUI charges. While it remains to be seen how these charges will be decided, the ingestion of hand sanitizer as an intoxicating substance may play a central role in any determination.

Source: Fox News, "Connecticut woman arrested for DUI says she drank hand sanitizer," Oct. 12, 2012

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