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October 2012 Archives

Connecticut man arrested for domestic violence against mother

Connecticut readers likely know that it is common for some families to bicker and get into disputes. Unfortunately, our readers should also know that these disputes can often get out of control, leading to potential domestic violence. Domestic violence can happen in any family, and in any dynamic. One recent case involves a mother and son whose argument apparently became physical and out of control.

Connecticut woman faces DUI charges in unusual case

A bizarre DUI arrest demonstrates that criminal charges can result from unusual circumstances. Police say they were conducting a traffic stop when a car driven by a 36-year-old Connecticut woman sped around a corner and nearly collided with the vehicle that was pulled over. Police report that the driver lost control as she sped around the corner. This action led to a series of events that now have left the woman facing DUI charges.

Connecticut prostitution, drug charges result from police sting

Law enforcement authorities recently announced the results of an undercover operation in the Connecticut city of Norwich. Heroin trafficking and prostitution were described as the primary targets of the initiative. Four people were reportedly arrested solely on prostitution related charges, while three other people were arrested solely on various drug charges. One individual was arrested on drug charges as well as for patronizing a prostitute.

Connecticut student reports sexual assault on campus

A West Connecticut college dorm room was the site of an alleged attack recently. A female student reported that a sexual assault happened in the early morning hours recently. The incident was reported to campus police later the following evening.

Connecticut man faces criminal charges after tire slashing

Sometimes the actions of one's neighbors are enough to make a person act out in anger. This appears to have been the case in one recent crime spree. Police say that retaliation may have been one of the reasons that a Connecticut man reportedly attacked the property of his neighbors recently. The man is accused of slashing the tires on 15 cars in his neighborhood. Now, he faces criminal charges after the incidents.