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Connecticut teen faces DUI charge

Car accidents that are based on suspicious circumstances commonly serve as the initial point of a police investigation. When an investigation is commenced, the evidence Connecticut police gather may lead them to believe that one of the operators of a motor vehicle was legally intoxicated at the time the accident occurred. This suspicion often results in a formal criminal charge, though those allegations must be proved in a court of law by a stringent measure of proof before a conviction can be obtained.

An 18-year-old woman is facing formal DUI charges as a result of her being involved in a car accident in the early evening hours. Witnesses stated that the woman pulled into an intersection and appeared to lose control of her vehicle, causing it to strike another car. Police say the woman told them that she did not remember how the accident transpired and only recalls pulling out into the intersection.

Police secured the results of a blood test for the woman that was administered at the hospital, which is said to have revealed a blood alcohol content barely exceeding 0.11. The legal limit for motorists under the age of 21 in Connecticut is 0.02. The woman subsequently turned herself in after an arrest warrant was issued.

The teenager will likely focus on the allegations against her as the criminal case works its way through the Connecticut court system. The serious consequences that typically follow a criminal conviction mandate that she seek to ensure her legal rights are protected while fighting to clear her name. At this point, she has only been charged with being legally intoxicated, and it is the sole burden of the prosecution to prove those allegations in court by competent and relevant evidence. Like any other individual accused of a crime in our state, the teenager is entitled to the presumption of innocence as she prepares her defense and seeks a favorable result.

Source: Darien, CT Patch, "Darien Woman, 18, Charged with DUI After Rollover," David Gurliacci, Sept. 18, 2012

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