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September 2012 Archives

Connecticut teen faces DUI charge

Car accidents that are based on suspicious circumstances commonly serve as the initial point of a police investigation. When an investigation is commenced, the evidence Connecticut police gather may lead them to believe that one of the operators of a motor vehicle was legally intoxicated at the time the accident occurred. This suspicion often results in a formal criminal charge, though those allegations must be proved in a court of law by a stringent measure of proof before a conviction can be obtained.

Connecticut man faces serious charges after deadly crash

A majority of people immediately pull to the side of the road when a police officer turns on their lights to conduct a motor vehicle stop. However, there are times where a defendant is not complying with a police officer's commands, which can lead to additional serious charges being filed in a Connecticut criminal court. Although conviction on these serious charges may result in serious consequences, the prosecution must first prove each and every element of the allegations in a court of law by a stringent measure of proof.

Allegations of family violence in Connecticut

Police officers respond to domestic dispute calls on a regular basis. In many cases, these calls result in officers taking a Connecticut resident into custody on allegations of family violence. However, despite the original arrest being made, the allegations may not always be as clear as many may think.

Unknown leads result in arrest of Connecticut man on drug charges

In a recent report, police have been relatively silent on what led them to arrest a man they claim was responsible for selling drugs. However, despite the lack of details, the man has been taken into custody and now faces several serious drug charges as a result of the police investigation. Although charges have been issued, a lot remains to be proven by Connecticut authorities if they hope to have the drug charges result in a criminal conviction.