Truck Accidents

Connecticut Truck Accident Lawyers

If you have been injured in a truck accident, or any motor vehicle accident involving commercial vehicles, call a lawyer with experience in truck accident claims. At Berman & Russo, our Connecticut truck accident lawyers understand the dynamics of these accidents. We provide a powerful voice for drivers, passengers and pedestrians injured in truck accidents and other types of auto accidents.

Causes Of Truck Accidents

Truck accident claims require specific knowledge of the trucking industry. Many semi-truck accidents, such as a truck jackknife or rollover, are affected by a wide range of factors. Some of the factors that must be considered in a comprehensive truck accident claim include:

  • Driver fatigue: Semi-truck drivers are under enormous pressure to get to where they are going as quickly as possible. This often results in drivers being behind the wheel when they are exhausted. Tired drivers are less observant and react less quickly to situations that may arise on the road. Drivers also may fall asleep at the wheel, which is extremely dangerous.
  • Driver negligence: The pressure to deliver cargo quickly can also cause drivers to be negligent behind the wheel. They may be speeding or traveling at unsafe speeds for the size and weight of the truck, which can cause them to lose control of the vehicle more easily. Also, drivers who abuse drugs, alcohol and other substances are a danger to everyone on the road, including themselves.
  • Unbalanced/overloaded cargo: To ensure truck safety, any cargo must be loaded appropriately, taking into account how much the cargo weighs and the safe capacity of the truck. When trucks are overloaded or time is not taken to ensure cargo is properly balanced, a dangerous situation is created. An unbalanced or overloaded truck can be extremely difficult to control, leading to collisions, truck jackknifes and rollovers.
  • Truck disrepair: With the amount of time tractor-trailers spend on the road, they are often in need of maintenance. Trucking companies are to maintain detailed maintenance records to ensure service is done on time and kept track of. When trucks are allowed to fall into disrepair or maintenance is not completed when needed, the truck becomes a hazard on the road to all drivers. Damages to the truck or parts in need of maintenance can cause accidents, fires and other types of situations that lead to injuries.

Many different pieces of evidence must be obtained from the trucking company during the course of an investigation into an accident. However, some companies are resistant to providing the information needed, as it may point to their negligence and contribution to the accident. Driver logbooks, truck maintenance records, truck driving schedules, cargo information and other documents must be turned over. Berman & Russo is aggressive in its pursuit of this information, as it knows how crucial it may be to your case.

Have You Been Injured In An Accident Involving An 18-Wheeler?

In many cases, the insurance company or liable party will do everything in their power to delay or deny a claim. Our attorneys are experienced in preparing persuasive claims to reluctant insurance companies.

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