Motorcycle Accidents

Connecticut Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Most motorcycle accidents are caused by careless automobile drivers who fail to observe a motorcyclist when sharing the road with them. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents frequently result in serious injuries to the riders.

At Berman & Russo, we provide strong legal representation for riders who have suffered injuries in Connecticut motorcycle accidents. We have been helping injured motorcyclists and other auto accident victims for more than 25 years.

Increased Risks On The Road

While riding motorcycles has become increasingly popular as a recreational pastime, it is also essential that motorcyclists understand the risks they are facing while riding.

  • Hard to see: Since motorcycles are smaller than cars, trucks and other vehicles on the road, they are also harder to see. Other vehicles may block a driver from observing a motorcycle, and blind spots can place motorcyclists in serious danger.
  • Hazards of the road itself: Defective or damaged roadways, roads that are in disrepair, and bad weather conditions increase the risk for motorcycle riders due to the size of the vehicle and the fact that they run on two wheels, not four as in the case of a car or truck. Slippery roads, cracks in the road and other hazards can cause a motorcyclist to lose control.
  • Skills and knowledge: Having the proper training and practice on a motorcycle is key to avoiding accidents. While all cannot be avoided, knowing your bike and knowing the roads on which you are traveling can help you in the event a situation arises that may result in a collision or another accident. Arm yourself with information whenever possible and take the time to hone the skill it takes to ride a motorcycle.
  • Lack of protection: A motorcycle does not offer the kind of physical, bodily protection in an accident that is provided by a car or larger vehicle. However, a motorcyclist can take steps to minimize injuries. Though Connecticut does not have an official helmet law, it is incredibly important to wear a helmet while on a motorcycle. This protects your head in the event of a crash and can be the difference between life and death. Other protective gear can be worn on your body to prevent road rash and other injuries if there is an accident.

Were You Hit By A Car While Driving A Motorcycle?

Recovering on accident claims made against insurance companies can be difficult in some motorcycle accident cases. Our firm has extensive experience in motorcycle accident claims. We help motorcycle riders receive proper compensation for a wide range of injuries, including:

Our lawyers at Berman & Russo handle injury claims involving defective equipment, negligent drivers and hazardous road conditions, among other situations that may have led to the motorcycle accident in which you were injured.

Talk With A Lawyer Before You Sign Any Settlement Or Release Papers Or Other Authorizations

If you have been involved in a Connecticut motorcycle accident, do not offer extra information or opinions to the police or your insurance company. Do not sign any papers. Call an attorney as soon as possible. Insurance companies are not on your side. We are.

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