Motor Vehicle Accident Scene Checklist

What Information To Gather

You will need this information to file an insurance claim. If you are too upset to collect this at the scene, the police report will have most of these details. You can call the precinct to get a copy when you can think clearly.

Be sure to get the police report number and the officer’s name, town (state), and badge number.

Your Information:

  • Name & Address
  • Phone number
  • Driver’s License number, State
  • Make and model of car, VIN number
  • Registration, License plate
  • Proof of insurance card
  • Insurance company name and phone number
  • Insurance company policy number

Other driver’s information:

  • Same as above

Information about the car accident or collision:

  • Date and time of accident
  • Address of the accident
  • Road you were on and nearest cross street
  • Direction you were traveling in
  • Direction the other car/s were traveling in
  • Driving conditions, e.g. weather, visibility
  • Witnesses names and contact information
  • What happened (as soon as you can write it down, or use your phone to record yourself telling the details. It’s easy to forget things when you’re upset, so recording the information as it comes to you may be helpful)
  • Use your cell phone to take photos of the accident, damage to your car, and damage to other vehicles.