Connecticut Drug Possession Attorneys

South Windsor Marijuana Charges Lawyers

The punishment you could face for marijuana possession depends on many factors, including the amount of drugs that were seized from your car, home or person. If you are found in possession of a large quantity of marijuana, you may also be facing drug trafficking charges such as possession with intent to sell or distribute charge.

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How an Experienced Lawyer Can Help You

In some instances, we can work with court to have the charges against you reduced. If you are facing a charge of intent to distribute, we may be able to have that reduced to a possession charge. If you are charged with possession of pot, we may be able to work with the prosecutor and have the charged reduced possession of drug paraphernalia.

If you are convicted of any kind of drug possession in Connecticut, you may qualify for drug treatment or drug education programs. We also work with the court to have our clients placed in a community service labor program in lieu of jail time. There are many factors used to evaluate whether you qualify for these programs. An experienced attorney can help you make the most effective arguments to minimize the consequence of a conviction.

Sentences for Drug Crimes Can Be Severe

While Connecticut has recently decriminalized marijuana possession for small amounts, the penalties for conviction of more than half an ounce are more severe in Connecticut than they are in some of our neighboring states.

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