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As seasoned trial attorneys who have resolved thousands of personal injury claims, the lawyers of Berman & Russo understand that a relatively minor head injury can sometimes be more difficult to prove than severe damages for massive brain trauma. If you or a family member suffered a blow to the head in a traffic accident or a head or brain injury in a fall at work, contact our office in South Windsor to learn about your legal options.

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We've worked with enough traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims to understand that there really are no minor head injuries, at least to the extent that the symptoms a person can suffer can be far more serious than the severity of the accident would suggest.

For example, a blow to the head in a car accident or motorcycle accident might be overlooked in the emergency room and even barely noticed by the victim — after all, if you've just broken an ankle or shattered a wrist, a bump on the head might seem like the least of your problems.

The fact remains that different people react in different ways to head trauma. Our attorneys have handled many cases in which our client complained of headaches, sleep disturbance, ringing in the ears, memory loss and other neurological symptoms weeks or months after an accident.

These conditions can represent serious elements of your broader damages claim, and we know how to work with medical experts who can explain how a blunt force impact can cause problems that are slow to develop and that might last for a long time. Even a low-speed rear-end collision that results in whiplash and stress to the cervical vertebrae can cause severe occipital headaches.

Our lawyers also advise the survivors of serious accidents with massive head trauma. In these cases, the challenge is not simply to demonstrate to an insurance company that you really have been hurt, but to present an accurate and fully documented demand for the compensation you'll need for lost wages, extended physical and occupational therapy, future surgery or in-home assistance.

The attorneys of Berman & Russo represent brain injury clients with symptoms ranging from mild concussion or occasional headaches all the way up to permanent loss of cognitive function. For a free consultation about your options in the aftermath of a head or brain injury, contact us in South Windsor.

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