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December 2016 Archives

Trump pledge to purge regulations worries road safety groups

During the 2016 presidential election campaign, President-elect Donald Trump vowed to clear the path for American companies by slashing red tape and regulations. While this pledge has been warmly received by the country's business communities, it has worried safety advocacy groups like Road Safe America. According to these groups, motorists in Connecticut and across the country would be more likely to be killed or injured in truck accidents if regulations published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in August 2016 are not implemented.

Snapchat speed filter could encourage reckless driving

Authorities are concerned that the Snapchat speed filter is encouraging dangerous driving in Connecticut and across the United States. The filter for the popular smartphone app has been linked to more than one serious car crash, according to media reports.

Unsafe driving behaviors were the focus of safety week

Unsafe driving behaviors like speeding lead to many of the fatal car accidents that occur in Connecticut each year. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance tries to prevent these types of fatalities by conducting an annual week-long safety campaign every year. The 2016 event resulted in the issuance of 19,657 citations and warnings in the U.S. between Oct. 16 and Oct. 22.

Less sleep may lead to more crashes, study suggests

Research suggests that getting behind the wheel without first getting a requisite amount of sleep could have deadly consequences for motorists in Connecticut and around the country. According to one study, accident rates for drivers who get a mere four or five hours of sleep within 24 hours of hitting the roadway are almost as high as the crash rates that have been recorded for drunk drivers.

Autonomous trucks on the horizon

Connecticut truck drivers could soon be a part of an industry in which autonomous trucks will have a significant role, according to a report by the American Transportation Research Institute. An updated infrastructure, better safety and efficiency, legal changes and significant regulatory reform will be some of the side effects of the widespread use of autonomous trucks.