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September 2016 Archives

Driver kills pedestrian after veering off roadway

Connecticut State Police began an investigation into a fatal vehicle-pedestrian accident that took place in New Hartford on Sept. 16. A car traveling along Main Street hit two people who were on the sidewalk, killing one of the pedestrians and sending the other to the hospital.

How automotive technology could help aging motorists

While some Connecticut motorists may embrace automotive advances such as self-driving vehicles, others may question the reliability of these technologies. Some of the early solutions engineered in modern automobiles include Bluetooth connectivity, cameras to assist with viewing areas that are difficult to see, and monitoring of vehicle conditions. Some of these technologies still need to be refined before being rolled out on a large scale, but many provide excellent benefits today, especially for aging motorists.

Summer Teen Driver Warnings Are Still Important In The Fall

A recent column in the Hartford Courant highlighted the danger that many teen drivers face on the road. Statistics compiled from the University of Connecticut Crash Data Repository showed that more accident injuries were reported from teen driver accidents in June of the span of the study - for 16- to 19-year old drivers, 2012-2014.

How to drive safely around motorcycles

With all the beautiful roadways in Connecticut, motorcycle riding can be quite enjoyable. However, motorcyclists have to be especially vigilant when traveling with other vehicles. At the same time, automobile drivers have a responsibility to be on the lookout for motorcyclists as well.

Traffic fatalities increased in 2015

Connecticut motorists may have read sobering data from the National Highway Traffic Administration regarding the amount of traffic deaths during 2015. According to the report, there were at least 35,000 traffic deaths during that year, which was a jump of slightly more than 7 percent from 2014. Such a large increase has not occurred since 1966.